Friday, September 3, 2010

Footloose Costumes

Footloose Opening Costumes:  We would like Black and silver with splashes of neon color.  You also get to make your own shoes.  They need to be fun, colorful, and stand out on stage!

Opener for Rusty, Urleen, and Wendy Jo.  Each character needs to show a different fun personality!
Opener Footloose/Urleen and Ren
Footloose Opening with Ren and Ethel.  Ethel is dressed to be moving from Chicago to Bowmont.

Townspeople and High School Leads except for Chuck, Lyle, and Travis.  All dressed in 80's clothes.  Ladies with flower prints and big shoulders, conservative.  Skinny high heels, nothing chunky.
Chuck, Lyle, and Travis.  Stone washed Jeans or black jeans with black and white t-shirts, black shoes, and bandannas.  Big hair and mulets.
Ariel and Chuck, The Girl Gets Around
High School Hallway.  Each character is put into a group and given a color.  Jocks, Nerds, Preps, Hicks, and Punks.  Everything is fun with stand out color for each group.  Big hair, lots of jewlery, leg warmers, etc.  

More examples of the high school students in the hallway.  See how the Punks are in neon green.
More examples of the high school hallway.  See how the nerds are in the color purple.

Principal Clark (Can be male or female), Ren, and Willard

Vi, Ariel, and Shaw.  Vi and Shaw are very conservative.  Very modest and plain.  Vi in an apron and Shaw in a sweater vest.
Vi and Shaw example act II
Vi and Shaw getting ready to go to the prom

Shaw in the song, I Confess

Costume examples of Ariel, Ren, Lulu, Coach Dunbar, Vi, and Principal Clark

Vi and Ethel costume examples in Learning to Be Silent

Ren and Ethel right after the Town Hall Meeting

Ethel, Eleanor, Wes and Ren in the song Somebody's Eyes

Betty Blast, Ren, Bickle, Jeter, and Willard in the Burger Blast
Dance Company in the song Hero, very Jane Fonda looking!

Dance Company in Hero
The High School Students in the song "I'm Free"  We will provide the shorts and orange shirts.  We will be renting these.

High School Students in "I'm Free" notice how they wore their own styles even if they were in their gym clothes.  Some had on leg warmers or their charcaters shoes.  Some had on big jewlery and necklaces.  Willard was in his cowboy boots.
I'm Free with Ren, Coach, and Ariel
Townspeople in I'm Free.  They were all in their church clothes and very conservative to give contrast.
High School Kids, Cowboy Bob, and Rusy, in Let's Hear it for the Boy.  All in Western Gear with cowboy boots, etc.

Let's Hear it for the Boy costume example

Boys in the number Mama Says.  All in jeans (except Bickle), boots, and plaid shirts.

Ren and Ariel in Act II